E-Mail Marketing

The first goal of any email marketing campaign is to attract potential customers to subscribe to your mailing list. The second goal is to keep them interested in reading your emails by establishing a rapport with them. This can be done by giving away some information for free or by giving your new subscribers something else that is appealing to them. The third goal is to convert your list subscribers to paying customers. We can help you to execute this three step plan.

Features and Benefits

Low Cost – One of the most cost efficient direct marketing methods the world has ever seen.

Measurability – Statistics such as number of emails read, click through rates, and reader actions help to measure the success of an email campaign.

Speed – Contact thousands of potential customers directly in a matter of seconds.

Targeted – Don’t waste your valuable marketing materials on the wrong crowd. Email marketing allows you to send your chosen content directly to your chosen market segment.

Accountability – Any information you send is kept and stored so there can be no misunderstandings as to the terms of your offer or information sent.

Integration – Your email campaign can be started right from your website using a simple opt-in form.

Automation – From the day a new subscriber joins your email list, you can send automated emails at ‘x’ day’s intervals.

Personalisation – You can take that first step towards building a personal relationship with a potential customer by personalising the content in a bulk mail out.

Keen to learn how we do it?

Our internet marketing training program includes a comprehensive segment on the vital ingredients of a good email marketing campaign. Let us show you how to use the world’s leading list building software to create an email campaign, integrate the sign-up feature into your website, protect yourself against spam sign-ups and effectively use email marketing to convert your subscribers into paying customers.