The fundamental basis of any online marketing campaign is to prompt your target market to take action. Whether that action is to buy your products, call your company, register for your mailing list and book in for a service you provide.

Our unique clickability analysis is a formula that we have created to assess the likelihood of a visitor to your website taking the action that you desire for them to take, and if they choose not to take that action, is there a possibility that their visit to your site won’t be fruitless for you. i.e. Do you at least derive some benefit from the fact that they have visited your site?

We assess all of the ‘on-page’ factors of your website in our clickability analysis. Quality and relevance of sales copy, choice of colours, positioning of key elements, aesthetics and navigational ease.

Whilst achieving the perfect clickability may come at the expense of absolute perfect SEO, there is an essential need to achieve a balance between the two to ensure that you get sufficient visitors to your site, and that once the visitors arrive, they are most likely to take the action you wish for them to take.

We have a highly skilled team of web design and development professionals that can make any changes to your site. Or if you have a preference to work with your current web developer, we can provide a detailed list of the clickability and/or SEO changes required to commence your online marketing campaign.